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Record: On How Absence Is

I often think about why certain landscapes speak to me, follow my flows of feeling, thought and body to suss out a specific intersection of points that triggered such a reaction. These exist in my memory as affective moments, strong enough to move me to unwrap Estella from her pouch and look for a means of transcription, representation, and reconstruction. This set of instax snaps is also from my Taiwan 2014 trip, and these 4 images are very close to my heart. There is a strange sense of doubling in every photo, the presence of a something not quite there … which is to say, the photograph is the absence of  bodily experience within the landscape itself. How interesting that this visceral connect within and between my self and the environment is captured best when I have disappeared from the image altogether. Fog lowering like a cold, heavy curtain into the bamboo on top of 阿里山, in a mountain village. I have always loved rain, but this time the rain couldn’t fall on me; I was …

Textures of Taiwan: Taipei

Textures in a city are intersectional, they are physical, visual, and emotional aspects that interact with each other and create a certain mood or aesthetic. Taipei is a city I’ve been to before, which means that walking back into the city with a camera is a different experience immediately. What do I love about Taipei? What textures in  Taipei appeals most to me? What do I remember of the city? These photos are a remnant of those thoughts and feelings. It was never about being able to take a spectacular photo, just maybe, an honest one.     Photos in order: 1 – 饒河夜市門口, RaoHe Night Market entrance 2 – 臺北地下街, Taipei City Underground Mall 3 – 大安區忠孝東路, Da An district, ZhongXiaoDong Street 4 – Somebody Cafe, 西門町,XimenDing 5 – 九份茶坊, Teahouse at Jiu Fen. 6 – 海邊的卡夫卡, Kafka by the Shore live music cafe

Textures of Taiwan: Taichung

Taichung was a rest stop for us after the drama of Alishan. The highlight of Taichung, however, was the National Taiwan Museum of  Fine Arts. One of the best museums I’ve ever been in, full of intelligent, contemporary pieces. I only featured 4 photos for this post, but that’s also telling. Some places, you forget to capture because there is just too much to take in. I’d like to think that is the best way of being present.       Photos in order 1 – N Joy Taichung Hostel 2 – 國立台灣美術館 National Taiwan Museum of  Fine Arts. 3 – 國立台灣美術館 National Taiwan Museum of  Fine Arts. 4 – 國立台灣美術館 National Taiwan Museum of  Fine Arts

Textures of Taiwan: Alishan

For a brief 2 days and one night, we traveled two hours up the mountain into the heart of the mountain ranges facing West. High above sea level, the intersection of different colours and textures are fresh. The sky and the ground here do really meet. And i must say, there is nothing like the realization that up here, clouds walk among us.        Photos in order: 1 – 山上雲海 – Cloud seas on the Alishan mountain ranges 2 – 雨後的風景 – The view after mountaintop showers 3 – 奮起湖,瓜園 – FenQi Lake, growing gourds 4 – 奮起湖,舊房子- Old Residential places in FenQi Lake 5 – 阿里山遊樂區 – Alishan Recreational district 6 – 民宿和茶農場 – Residences and Tea Farms on the mountain 7 – 奮起湖 – FenQi Lake

Textures of Taiwan: Tainan

Tainan is a city the colour of old things. It is the oldest city in the country, and is still home to many vestiges of Taiwan’s past, including the Japanese Occupation. We often think faded when we think old, but as I roamed the city I found that old sometimes means bold, bright, and hardy. I loved the way the old stood in this city.     Photos in order: 1  -台南老街 – Old residential alleyways 2 – 觀夕平台 -Sunset viewing platform 3 – 懷舊玩具  – Tinker Toy Vintage stall 4 – 台南老房  -Old residential houses 5 – 延平街 店 -Shop on YanPing St. 6 – 延平街頭  – Shop near YanPing St. 7 – 林百貨頂樓 – Top Floor at the Old Hayashi Department Store