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OOTD: A Night Out

I went on a graduation boat cruise last night! The best part was throwing this look together to be honest. 😀 Progression photo post.  eye makeup: check lips, hair and jewelry: check final look: perfect. Coral Top: from Garage Embossed Pencil Skirt: from Urban Behaviour T-strap chunky heels: from Durumi (West Queen West) Jewelry: Forever 21, Express, Aldo Accessories Bag: Hong Kong

How To Flower

Today’s thought is on beauty. I think a crucial part of the healthy experience is a healthy understanding of beauty, or rather, we can call it a healthy perception of beauty. We are swayed, pressured and cajoled too often by media and the market around us to different standards of beauty. Some eras they tell us it is better to be this, and other eras they tell us the opposite. The only thing this should we really tell us, is that beauty is not objective, that it is as fragile and flimsy as the people who uphold it. This does not involve just people, this involves many other things too: the colours we use, the way we build our cities, the packaging of our goods, the aesthetics in the art we create… all contribute to the greater dialogue of beauty in the world we live in. A healthy perception of beauty means looking beyond the here and now, look to the past and see what beauty was then. Engage not just with the ears and …