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Textures of New York

Cities are very much defined by the relationship I have with the people who inhabit it. The last time I was in New York, it felt like a separate entity being explored by many of us together. It felt like an attempt to pause time and remember, full of tension, detachment and anxiety. This time New York felt like a lazy friend. The kind who hustles around you at its own pace, full of its own thoughts and ideas, and occasionally checking in to see what’s going on. Only because it is comfortable, only because you have been accepted – only then you are unnoticed. My favourite memory this trip, strangely enough, was the night we tiredly climbed into a cab for an easier ride home. It was the first time my body physically realized the way New York didn’t care for traffic lines. It was a long ride: full of road closures, re-routing through small streets. But I remember my self in that journey very clearly. Maybe there was something about the blur of cityscapes …

Textures of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the city my family and I have called home for the last ten years. The Hong Kong I know is intimate, quiet, and familiar. It looks like very much like adolescence and domestic space. It is consistent and soft rhythm. It is full of my growing selves, solitary and in community.     Photos in Order:  1. Taiwanese Restaurant in TaiPo Center 2. View from the Central Ferry Pier 3. The sands of Cheung Chau 4. Salesian Retreat Second Floor Window 5. The taxi stand at TaiPo Center 6. The view from my living room

Textures of Singapore

Singapore is the city of my birth, and my first eight years of childhood. For the first time this trip, I went to many of the more tourist-geared locations, and photographed the famous side of Singapore I am not familiar with. This country is often balancing on a very thin line between its past and present, its history and its innovation. The textures I discovered on my trip home sometimes mirror that effect, creating moments of aesthetic that settle deeply into my heart, mixing and mingling with each other. Old Singapore, New Singapore, time and space between them. These photos look for all of that.         Photos in Order: 1 – Chinatown alleyway: 牛車水 2 – Marina Bay Sands Flower Dome 3 – Marina Bay Sands Solar Trees 4 – Marina Bay Sands Cloud Forest Dome 5 – Marymount Station 6 – Bishan Rd 7 – Marina Bay Sands Cloud Forest Dome 8 – Bukit Gomback neighbourhood