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Song of the Week: cozy diary, 我想變成我

從前的我 害怕期待空轉的失落 而現在的我 努力學接受我的脆弱 昨天的我 夜深人靜總是想得太多 今天的我 笑一笑看待真的沒什麼 Traveling the familiar pathways home means I encounter frozen parts of myself along the way. Old haunts, old favourite drinks, old habits of living. Distance from the hub of activity that is my life presently means I can get some clarity: on myself, on my work, and on those rhythms and attitudes I have come to take as normal, or take as a given. 想變成什麼樣的人啊? 想要大家都會羨慕我 外表出眾 有才華 懂得生活 好品味 、有質感的那種 想變成這樣子的人啊 我要愛自己更多 The title of this song “我想變成我” (roughly translates to, “I want to become me”) reminds me of all of these journeys I try to take every year. 小路’s voice is so wonderfully mellow that it blunts the explicitly reflective slant of the words, yet invites the listener into her headspace. 該幽默的時候談吐就幽默 剛好的自信在對的time出手 你喜歡我嗎? 我好喜歡我 Self-love looks different for everyone, particularly in music. In the hum of acoustic guitar and soft voices over the years I’ve come to see myself in a mirror. In art we are often just looking for a mirror, so we …

Song of the Week: Eli Hsieh, 燈光

一個人走在路上 不知道是第幾晚上 已沒有人來人往 也沒有城市交響 入夜後的台北 很漂亮 但怎麼卻感覺 很悲傷 Ever since I heard a tiny little sample of this song when Eli sang it after winning 最佳新人 at the Golden Melody’s, I’ve been completely hooked. I’m always on the lookout for 創作歌手, and I wish I’d discovered him sooner. Apparently he PK-ed with 林宥嘉 in a singing competition when he was 13. Now here he is, all grown up, winning Best Newcomer and writing so much beauty into one song. This song is perfect in so many ways: perfectly acoustic, perfectly lyrical and perfectly narrated. 大概是又想起你說 說我像個太陽 24小時開朗 為人照亮 但其實你說謊 你知道 若沒有你我根本就沒有辦法 發光 你很健忘 沒你在旁 哪裡來的力量 感傷 這一切都已經成過往 如果時光回放 多渴望告訴你 One of the things I love about the Chinese music scene is the emotive and poetic storytelling greatly enabled by thoughtful use of the Chinese language. 我不想做太陽 我不想再逞強 我只想為你 做一盞燈光 在你需要我的時候把開關按下 你不必再流浪 你不必再心慌 不必再去想 不必再去扛 我也不必假裝你還在我的身旁 多愚妄 Strangely stressed sentences is one of the staples of the music scene, particularly since Jay Chou’s method of rapping stripped the ballad of its strict stresses for good. Eli …

Music: Early Mornings – a playlist

布穀 – 徐佳瑩 何度でも – tick Omoide ha Tooku no Hibi – Tenmon & Eminence Symphony Orchestra 嵐 - TANK 海枯石爛 – Olivia Ong 又是豔陽天 - 韋禮安 自然醒 - 林宥嘉 小說伴咖啡 – Robynn & Kendy 早安,晨之美 - 盧廣仲 Lost a Piece - 星空 Starry Starry Night OST