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Music: 張震嶽 [Threeway PK]

It’s fun to talk music with other people. I always found that my love for the chinese music scene alienated me from my friends, who were not interested, or sometimes even condescending about my preference in music. Over the last 10 years, however, I’ve found individuals here and there, who are unabashed fans as well. Their presence in my own listening journey has always given me a lot of joy, so I’ve decided to do some fun things with them. If any of you out there are closet Mando Music lovers, and would love to connect and talk music. Let me know! 張震嶽 is a longtime artist in the industry with a huge body of work – famous songs include: 分手吧,愛我別走,自由 etc. We did a Best 3 comparison to see how how his discography vibes with us in different ways. Best 3  – Alex F. Disclaimer: How I chose these songs is solely based on this criteria – If I were only to loop 3 songs out of his whole discography for the rest of my …

Music: 春天裡, 汪峰

  For perspective 词曲:汪峰 编曲:贾轶楠 还记得许多年前的春天 那时的我还没剪去长发 没有信用卡没有她 没有24小时热水的家 可当初的我是那么快乐 虽然只有一把破木吉他 在街上,在桥下 在田野中 唱着那无人问津的歌谣 如果有一天 我老无所依 请把我留在 在那时光里 如果有一天 我悄然离去 请把我埋在 这春天里 还记得那些寂寞的春天 那时的我还没冒起胡须 没有情人节 没有礼物 没有我那可爱的小公主 可我觉得一切没那么糟 虽然我只有对爱的幻想 在清晨 在夜晚 在风中 唱着那无人问津的歌谣 也许有一天 我老无所依 请把我留在 在那时光里 如果有一天 我悄然离去 请把我埋在 在这春天里 春天里 — All hail, the one and only 汪峰。

Music: 春天裡, 丁噹

  I must say, although i love 丁噹 and think she is a phenomenal singer,  i prefer 汪峰’s version by a lot. The reality is that 汪峰’s stuff mostly can only be sung by 汪峰。The lyrics though. exquisite. and the MV tracing Della’s rise to stardom is pretty moving.

Music: 親愛的樹洞, S.H.E.

曲:丁世光 詞:藍小邪 還是忍不住哭了 這次又是為什麽 你確定你還想要 聽嗎 真討厭我的脆弱 和太敏感的性格 這些我跟你提過 吧 安慰別人的道理我那麼多 還以為我真的都 懂了 但有時明明笑著 有時候也 不算寂寞 心突然就痛 親愛的你說 這到底為什麼 有沒有誰的人生 能真的永遠快樂 親愛的告訴我 到底該怎麼做 才讓每個埋在心底的傷口 能開出花再結成果 眼看天又亮了 太陽準時出來了 喜怒哀樂 都被它照耀著 像是提醒我 心跳看起來無常 其實哭或笑從來都不會出錯 你看我 傻得 到現在 才懂 或者是我到現在才願意讓自己懂 下一次的心痛 或許我真能更從容 你覺得呢 親愛的你說 這到底為什麼 有沒有誰的人生 能真的永遠快樂 親愛的告訴我 到底該怎麼做 才讓每個埋在心底的傷口 能開出花再結成果 親愛的別說 什麼算是活著 就讓我去痛到 明白所謂的快樂 你聽了那麼多 別提前提醒我 就讓每個傷口 自然地開花結果 我最親愛的 謝謝你讓我更像 我 —— This is my favourite song off S.H.E’s latest album, 花又開好了, which nods to their track 花都開好了 from 2003. An album of rebirth for the trio, the sounds and the songs featured are much more mature than their past albums, and also celebrate the strength of their friendship and sisterhood collectively. This particular track is conceptually written to be whispered into a treehole, a secret if you will. As a ballad, the interplay between the sad thematic content and its hopeful undertone is very well-executed. Lyrically, the lines are extremely precise, without falling into overused metaphors or cliches. I love that they celebrate their growth in all of their songs, in many different circumstances. S.H.E. is …

Music: Cheer, 先知瑪麗 Mary See the Future

  雪白的 漆黑的 鼓譟的 沉醉的 妳寫下多少的夢 無盡的美 迴盪在腦海 不停歇的純粹 閃爍的 黯淡的 燦爛的 頹敗的 妳低聲呢喃絮語 各種姿態 激烈而溫柔 空蕩胸口的期待 妳的緩慢和脆弱 總是擦身而過 寂寞堆滿了角落 一切來不及說 想緊握那溫暖太陽 在我的手中 任憑發燙 也掩蓋不了妳炫爛的光芒 永恆的綻放 那遙遠的嘹喨 閉上眼的方向 儘管一路荒涼 還有妳在遠方 引領我的瘋狂 那驕傲的倔強 不願鬆綁 有多少困惑 伴隨著懦弱 一切訴說不盡的情緒遊走 要我越過 給我曾失去的感動 那遙遠的嘹喨 閉上眼的方向 讓我走過一路荒涼 到妳在的遠方 拾起散落的遺忘 曾經放開手的光芒 —- This MV stabbed me straight through the heart.