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Textures of Taiwan: Alishan

For a brief 2 days and one night, we traveled two hours up the mountain into the heart of the mountain ranges facing West. High above sea level, the intersection of different colours and textures are fresh. The sky and the ground here do really meet. And i must say, there is nothing like the realization that up here, clouds walk among us.        Photos in order: 1 – 山上雲海 – Cloud seas on the Alishan mountain ranges 2 – 雨後的風景 – The view after mountaintop showers 3 – 奮起湖,瓜園 – FenQi Lake, growing gourds 4 – 奮起湖,舊房子- Old Residential places in FenQi Lake 5 – 阿里山遊樂區 – Alishan Recreational district 6 – 民宿和茶農場 – Residences and Tea Farms on the mountain 7 – 奮起湖 – FenQi Lake