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Music: Early Mornings – a playlist

布穀 – 徐佳瑩 何度でも – tick Omoide ha Tooku no Hibi – Tenmon & Eminence Symphony Orchestra 嵐 - TANK 海枯石爛 – Olivia Ong 又是豔陽天 - 韋禮安 自然醒 - 林宥嘉 小說伴咖啡 – Robynn & Kendy 早安,晨之美 - 盧廣仲 Lost a Piece - 星空 Starry Starry Night OST

Day 19: As it is

Her: between you and me the slow spread of consciousness is blurred ceiling lines gathering into clarity. how to resist consciousness is sprawled limbs gathering into a body. if I bundled up in sleep and controlled the number of breaths per minute, if my dream muffled ears paid no attention to the cough of morning traffic. could this drowsy peace be real life, could i flex a lethargic body, make myself the shape I am as it is?  Him: …

Day 10: Tiny Talk

Her: the sharpening of building silhouettes the blurry of how we met. when exactly was that? the morning sky told me dawn is the colour of people meeting the first time explained the receding colour of black tinged with city light and day shine in the guise of sleepless nights. perhaps in every encounter the only question awake in the dark of us was how to make the sun rise. the sky told me this: every mo(u)rning starts with ‘hi.’ Him: