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Music: 秋意濃(cover), 沙寶亮

原唱:張學友   作詞:姚若龍 作曲:玉置浩二 編曲:杜自持 秋意濃 離人心上秋意濃 一杯酒 情緒萬種 離別多 葉落的季節離別多 握住妳的手 放在心頭 我要妳記得 無言的承諾 #喔~不怕相思苦 只怕妳傷痛 怨只怨人在風中 聚散都不由我 喔~不怕我孤獨 只怕妳寂寞 無處說離愁 舞秋風 漫天回憶舞秋風 嘆一聲 黯然沉默 不能說 惹淚的話都不能說 緊緊擁著妳 永遠記得 妳曾經為我 這樣的哭過 — i wish more songs were written like this. the chinese language offers the very unique mode of smashing multiple concepts into interesting combinations of phrases, because the single syllabic character can contain within itself a multiplicity of meanings. this song weaves a rich sense of inherited sentiment through this mechanism. the title itself, 秋意濃, hints at how to listen to this song, all the lines in this song are merely variations on the theme. so many feels. :’) 沙寶亮’s cover is so perfect.

Music: [Album Review] 秋:故事, 蘇打綠

Tracks: 故事 從一片落葉開始 - 獨處的時候 我好想你 -- 偷閒的翅膀 天天晴朗 --- 說了再見以後 我們走了一光年 再遇見 ---- 捨穗 你心裡最後一個 小星星 吳青峰 is a lyrical powerhouse in the Taiwanese music industry, I never cease to ogle at his ability to fit lyrical context into the song that hits just where it needs to hit. The concept album 秋:故事 (Autumn: Story) is a rare cohesive piece of art that uses music and voice interludes to weave a story progression into the music experience. I love the interludes, particular the third one (Track 9). Another wonderful thing about this album is the strong use of wind instruments, particular flute sounds, paying homage to the 笛, often closely connected to Chinese legend stories. Another interesting development in this album is the increased variety of vocal contributions from the rest of the band. Lyrical Highlights in this album for me: 故事 is a song lovely on its own. But the MV that accompanies it slams it out of the ballpark. Usually I consider MVs to be relatively useless, and sometimes even negative additions to …