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OOTD: Day&Night Knit Cardi

I recently saw this blue and white knit cardigan from Urban Outfitters on sale for 25CAD a.k.a 50% off and I just couldn’t let it go. I wear it when I wake up, I wear it when I go out or stay home, i wear it when I come home… it’s one of those comfort wear pieces that look amazing and therefore will fit whatever occasion you will it to. These photos are taken on the same day, first thing in the morning, and late at night after work. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about why I choose to do what I choose to do, and whether or not those choices can tell me anything about what decisions I should make next. Having worked a mishmash of different jobs now, I’m beginning to get to a place where I can be picky again. When I first embarked on this gap year endeavour, I wanted to stay open-minded and so I applied to jobs that I didn’t feel completely qualified for, or interested in, and kept …

OOTD: In Black and White

With December announcing itself through the giant blanket of snow on the ground, I’m taking some time to turn over in my head what time has settled into a quiet layer of dusty forgetting. This year I graduated from university and took a gap year. This year I began to embrace a completely different rhythm of living and found the unknotting process painful but refreshing. I have come another step towards comfort in my skin. Now that I am firmly one-third through my growing pains, they have ceased to be growing pains and are merely that quiet process of being that is also becoming. I have learned more than I imagined again, about my fullness of self and my relationship to this world I live in. The irregularities of being a freelance writer is something I love greatly. The fact that I do not operate on a clearly defined schedule means I am constantly forced to be proactive about searching out projects and work for myself. To do this, I have to be engaged with …


可愛多’s series of 微電影 called 這一刻,愛吧! were such a pleasure to watch. Featuring a cast of different characters over three years of short stories, the short films explore different situations, characters and responses to love, and naturally, saturated with their sponsored ice creams. despite the intense product placement 😉 i’ll say they did a beautiful job with narration, with theme building and developing the different sparks of chemistry between characters. there was a wonderful balance of reality and optimism that made you forgive the advertising. haha Attached are the youtube links for all three years of films. watching time approximately 1.5hrs. 2012, 這一刻,愛吧!ft. 陈柏霖,邵庭,余函弥,吴慷仁 2013, 這一刻,愛吧!ft. 陈柏霖,邵庭,柯震东,付辛博 2014, 這一刻,愛吧!ft. 陈柏霖,邵庭,柯震东, 林依晨