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OOTD: Reynah Armure

Although I’m not fond of bracelets, and stopped wearing them after high school, this dual function bracelet-necklace from Reynah Armure was too pretty to pass up. I don’t like having things at my wrists due to the size of them, as almost nothing fits nicely. I hate having trinkets slide around and get in the way of my working so I stopped wearing them. With this bracelet, however, I am free to adjust according to width and therefore, can wear it as a stand-alone or even with my watch. Check out more of their jewelry HERE. This piece is an addition to my growing collection of necklaces that I really love. I’m more a “wear one statement piece” type of human, so even debuting double pieces of jewelry on my arm is a new endeavour. Maybe in the new year I’ll be more open to trying new things. What are your fashion goals for the new year?

Day 21: Armour

Him: … Her: every morning, pick a weapon of choice:             the same metal hammered in emotion prick in different ways. who would expect the earrings I push through ears to some days hang in heavyweight shackles. or why the end of a necklace would slice lines from neck to chest in the name of scratches.  today I chose a double-fingered strip of gold to yoke intention on us both to prove the strength of my body under pressure to punch the teeth out of doubt if it dared masquerade as fate.