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Music: 跑車與坦克, 張震嶽

  His album picked up a Golden Melody for best Mandarin album! 張震嶽 hasn’t been active in quite a while, but his old stuff is so solid that he really doesn’t need to produce new things to be relevant. It’s wonderful then, that this album reflects his maturing character and increased awareness of his own identity as a Taiwan Indigenous person and his work in environmental activism. Well-deserved.

Music: 金曲25頒獎典禮, 田馥甄

I remember the first album that 田馥甄 released received a lot of flack for being auto-tuned and technologically manipulated, when in fact it was really just the sheer surprise of realizing that Hebe’s vocal range was only a tiny bit of what 田馥甄 had to offer. Now a few years later, it’s wonderful to see her affirmed as a powerhouse vocalist and artist. 🙂

Music: 山丘, 李宗盛

  This song picked up both 最佳年度歌曲獎 and 最佳作詞人 at this year’s Golden Melody Awards! What I appreciate deeply about the mainstream Chinese music industry is their consistent desire to capture different nostalgias and reflections on what it means to live. Sometimes I just don’t want to listen to another love song you know.