Work with me?

Looking for a second opinion on your work, a clean up of your manuscript, a freelance creative team to head up a project, or a facilitator for your workshops?  Please get in touch!

Textual structural, stylistic, copy editing:
  • Academic writing (per hour)
  • Writing portfolios (flat rate)
  • Manuscripts (per hour)
  • Work applications (flat rate)
Creative branding and campaign management (single hire or team hire):
  • Creative project consultation (by project and task capacity)
  • Art event management (by project and task capacity)
  • Writing workshop sessions or series (per class)
  • Leadership, committee hard and soft skill facilitation (per workshop)
Grant Writing
  • Consultation (per hour)
  • Writing and Editing (per hour)

If you have a project in mind, or if you need a creative team, drop me an email for further inquiry, details and rates.