boke 暈け. wordsonpages (2017)

lov(e)scapes. Project 40 Collective (2015) 
Between Sentiment and Sensation Vol. 1
Red Paint Hill. (2014)

Published Poems

“Tiong Bahru” and “Bukit Batok, 22nd Floor”. Inheritance Anthology (Forthcoming 2017)
Three Cups of Tea“. Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel (2017)
Excerpts from boke 暈け. SoftBlow (2017)
9 Meditations on Mandopop and Poetry“. Ricepaper Magazine. (2016)
“kāi ()”. Hart House Review. (2016)
Bus Stop Vignettes“. text lit mag. (2015)
The Rose Left in the Bell Jar”. words(on)pages. (2014)
In Wonderland Everyone Is Passive Aggressive“. The Teacup Trail (2014)
“Breathturn”, “The Day I Died”, “There is an Hour that Sounds like Rain”. Red Paint Hill Anthology. (2014)
“I AM” (visual poem). Acta Victoriana. (2014)
Mecoming“. The Winter Tangerine Review, Volume I. (2014)

Published Non-Fiction

The Spectatorial. (Forthcoming 2017)
Creating Complicity: Swan by Aaron Jan“. LooseLeaf Magazine. (2016)
Identifying Chinese Christian in the Secular Humanities“. The Salt Collective. (2016)
Interview with Alana Wilcox of Coach House Books“. Town Crier (The Puritan). (2015)
An Asian Experience of the Toronto Literary Scene“. Town Crier (The Puritan). (2015)
On Wong Fu and the Need for Project 40“. Project 40 Collective. (2015)
The Art-ing Thing [My AA Experience #1]“. Project 40 Collective. (2015)
Interview with words(on)pages“. Town Crier (The Puritan). (2015)
Hand-crafted and clever: Sea & Lake Paper Company“. CANCulture. (2014)
“Finding What’s Lost in Translation”. Vic iTeach vol 4. issue 1. (2012)

Curated Exhibitions

The Art of Language (Un)Said (2016)
Justice Works 2014
Justice Works 2013