What I Might Have Told Myself (One Year In) 

1 MA, Spooling Last Thoughts
In A Good Way 我的自由年代
The 3/4 MA Question

Dragonfly 蜻蜓

The 1/2 MA Post – An Index of Thoughts
On Rediscovering My Hands

Reflections on “1/4 an MA”

Decolonizing Faith: My Humanities Self in the (Chinese) Church
Identifying Chinese Christian in the Secular Humanities

Muscle Memory
5 Lessons I Learned from Freelancing My Gap Year
Bubble Tea & Accents
An Open Letter To My Birthday Girl
Read: Poetry
Epistles: On Summer

Modern Nomad
Knowing Solitude
The Question of the Moment
The Quietness of Feet
The Art of Leisure

The 10PM Commute
Transcience: A Homecoming
Travel: Taoyuan Transit

A Perpetual State of Returning
On Capitalism and Nostalgia
In Which I Scratch The Walls of Literature and Discover Whitewash Under My Nails

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