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Record: Tai Mei Tuk

Our family has a tradition of going to eat at the same Thai restaurant near the Tai Mei Tuk area whenever we are together for the summer. Sometimes we add a biking session, a kite flying session or just a leisurely walk around the area before dinner.


I took Adrienne out with me for the trip to experiment a little bit and get to know my camera a little better. Here are some of the results of that experimenting plus more experimenting in the editing process.


Tai Mei Tuk is nestled in a cluster of villages out in Tai Po, so the further out the bus goes, the more the old HK village life starts to emerge, providing a fantastic counterpoint to the tourist-related businesses that are also present in the area.


If you’ve been on this blog for some time, you’ll know that I have a huge love for the coast and coastal scenery. Something about the way water near the earth is restless but also inviting, still but also playful, moves me.


Stopping by the small piers every year, watching the fishermen, the families catching shellfish, the kayakers, BBQ parties, runners, hikers and bikers make their usual rounds in the area is a wonderful way for me to end every summer.


The trip there is also an annual pilgrimage to eat frozen pineapple, which admittedly I can easily make myself, but is much less satisfying without the ridiculously packed everything-available store as a backdrop / dining area.


Tai Mei Tuk is one of the parts of Hong Kong that has remained constant over a decade. I have many years of memories layered and tangled with the landscape and the rhythms of this little reservoir a little bit away from the city. May this place stay and grow quietly in its own time and in its own way for many years to come.


On an editing related note, I’d never have expected myself to come to rely so much on the magenta spectrum to get the affect I wanted for these photos. But I am quite satisfied with the outcome.

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jaziimun is an interdisciplinary artist who works in text, paper arts and tea. She is also an arts programmer, and a ceramic hobbyist. She is also a proud bun mom.

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