I was never really a JJ Lin fan personally, more of a I-acknowledge-your-talent-from-afar-but-still-not-interested type

— until this beautiful album (which won JJ Male Singer of the Year at this year’s Golden Melody). Honestly, it’s an experimental album full of interludes, live recordings, mixed in with some classic JJ ballad-style tracks. I think it’s something like an evolved, next-level product, reflecting that maybe JJ is walking out of his fixed space as an artist into a newer one.

都 什麼時候了
等 天氣或心情

This song is available on the album in studio and livehouse version. Listening to them back-to-back mostly proves JJ Lin’s vocal capacity to deliver flawless execution regardless of the setting.

風 摀住了耳朵
有一天 世界會斑駁

你,有沒有過 is also the theme song for the movie 「破風」which stars my favourite 彭于晏 ❤ so bonus points.

But more importantly, lyrically sound and melodically chill, the song does an interesting rendition of a song that would usually boast a more umpf score given its youthful, aspirational and ambitious content.

你 有沒有過
奮不顧身 飛蛾撲火

The slight disconnect between the words and the music was the first thing that attracted me to the song. But the more I think about it, the more the disconnect works, because in a strange way, it manages to get closer to what it feels a lot of the time to be young, aspiring and uncertain. I think this is achieved by very clever writing that mixes in these aspirational inclinations (think classic 五月天) with a more solitary, soft silhouette.

都 什麼時候了
夜 色安靜了
夢是 另一個星球
我獨居在裡頭 跌跌撞撞

Maybe it sits closer to home for me right now, currently traveling across Asia, working late into the night for things that are out of sight for me, asking myself the hard questions of worth, of next steps and decisions. It’s not so much a crossroads as a series of hesitant steps. Not as melodramatic as a “Let’s do this” with conviction, but a downward roll along a gentle slope wondering if one should ride momentum, push the brakes to slow down, or stop for a bit and sit on the ledge to watch the scenery for a bit.

你 伸出的雙手
最 洶湧的折磨

On those late nights, songs like this are the ones are quiet and beautiful hugs.

Posted by:jasmine

Jasmine is an editor, poet, and community arts organizer. She comes to poetry by way of Chinese music. This blog is a mapping of ways.

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