This song was so good that it jumped the queue and made it to the blog before another post I’d already drafted. This is generally the power of Mayday, more specifically, of 阿信。

他們說妳的心 似乎痊愈了
也開始有個人 為你守護著
我該心安或是 心痛呢?

其實我的日子 也還可以呢
除了回憶肆虐 的某些時刻
慶幸還有眼淚 沖淡苦澀

而那些昨日 依然繽紛著 它們都有我 細心收藏著
也許你還記得 也許你都忘了
也不是那麽 重要了

There is no other artist who has left such an indelible impact on my own voice.

His words show me a different kind of world, a world I keep running toward with my words, a world I don’t think I can build yet, but want so desperately to.

只期待 後來的妳 能快樂
那就是 後來的我 最想的
後來的我們 依然走著
朝各自的人生 追尋了

無論是 後來故事 怎麽了
也要讓 後來人生 精彩著
後來的我們 我期待著
淚水中能看到 你真的 自由了

I want to be the kind of voice that takes a person to a single moment of honesty. 阿信 does this with the assumed ease of breathing, even though I can recognize the hard muscle of writing he possesses to do what he does.

How to feel as for granted as the air around a person, how to penetrate into the lung and the blood stream as though it were natural?
I am a writer because words do this to me.

回憶我們共同 走過的曲折
是那些帶我們 來到了這壹刻
讓珍貴的人生 有失有得

用新的幸福 把遺憾包著 就這麽朝著 未來前進了
有再多的不捨 也要狠心割捨
別回頭看我 親愛的

The important emotions inside us are mingled, mottled and tangled.
Poetry traces that without taking anything apart, poetry embraces it whole and yet can move through it all.

Just like how a single phrase 「然後呢」 can travel to the exact place in me I’ve left untouched for a while, and stir the exact thing I was meaning to leave unstirred.
How in stirring, like the after of fresh rain, that place settles a different way.

How pain is still pain, but pain tinged with new tenderness

只期待 後來的你 能快樂
那就是 後來的我 最想的
後來的我們 依然走著
朝各自的人生 追尋了

無論是 後來故事 怎麽了
也要讓 後來人生 精彩著
後來的我們 我期待著
淚水中能看到 妳真的 幸福快樂

— pain with new words;

「在某處 另一個你 留下了」
「在那裏 另一個我 微笑著」
另一個我們 還深愛著
「如果能這麽想 就夠了」

無論是 後來故事 怎麽了
也要讓 後來人生 值得
後來的我們 我期待著
淚水中能看到 你真的 自由了



Posted by:jasmine

Jasmine is an editor, poet, and community arts organizer. She comes to poetry by way of Chinese music. This blog is a mapping of ways.

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