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Song of the Week: Eli Hsieh, 燈光

一個人走在路上 不知道是第幾晚上
已沒有人來人往 也沒有城市交響
入夜後的台北 很漂亮
但怎麼卻感覺 很悲傷

Ever since I heard a tiny little sample of this song when Eli sang it after winning 最佳新人 at the Golden Melody’s, I’ve been completely hooked.

I’m always on the lookout for 創作歌手, and I wish I’d discovered him sooner. Apparently he PK-ed with 林宥嘉 in a singing competition when he was 13. Now here he is, all grown up, winning Best Newcomer and writing so much beauty into one song.
This song is perfect in so many ways: perfectly acoustic, perfectly lyrical and perfectly narrated.

大概是又想起你說 說我像個太陽
24小時開朗 為人照亮
但其實你說謊 你知道
若沒有你我根本就沒有辦法 發光
你很健忘 沒你在旁 哪裡來的力量
感傷 這一切都已經成過往
如果時光回放 多渴望告訴你

One of the things I love about the Chinese music scene is the emotive and poetic storytelling greatly enabled by thoughtful use of the Chinese language.

我不想做太陽 我不想再逞強
我只想為你 做一盞燈光

你不必再流浪 你不必再心慌
不必再去想 不必再去扛

Strangely stressed sentences is one of the staples of the music scene, particularly since Jay Chou’s method of rapping stripped the ballad of its strict stresses for good.

Eli does this in perfect complement to his guitar, and as a way to highlight the quiet and complex emotion of the song itself.

一個人走在路上 漫無目的地遊蕩
看著路燈的昏黃 把陰影拉好長
長到我 怎麼樣 都追不上
沒有你 我永遠 都追不上

This song works in the sunshine and in the rain, on the street and in a corner at home.
More important that what the song is saying (although it’s pretty good), is how Eli is telling it to himself, his desired listener, and us.

非常好聽。 我想這首歌會陪我走很長的一段路。

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