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OOTD: Tamago

I’m in the final week and a bit of writing papers that will gesture my way out of the MA program for good. It’s exciting to be in the final stretch, but when each day is bookended by the number of words I put into the word document sometimes I just need a bit of time to remind myself of other things.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the things I can do once I am done with the semester, and I am tempted often by the many projects that I would love to get started on.


I turn over those things in my mind, they remind me that I am a creative person and that the papers I am writing right now are one manifestation of that creativity.

I want to hold creative processes as a formless blob in my mind, so I hopefully never box myself into a method, a medium or a product. If I am a creative person then any act I engage in has the capacity to be a creative act, depending on how I think about it and what I choose to do.

This way, I avoid having to divide up the things I do into what I really want to do, and what I have to do. Not to say there are no obligatory, boring things I have to do, but that not classifying things that way in my head helps me stay open to the possibilities of looking at mundane and boring things with new eyes (unless it’s taxes – there is no other way to look at taxes).


It’s hard in the middle of deadlines, research and stacks of readings to think about my essay writing as a creative process. I find myself thinking “if only I could be done, I could get back to that poem draft, or be out trying a new cafe and reading something of my choice.”

But the words I write are my words, tediously stitched together into sentences that say something with a certain degree of authority, and a certain amount of force.

How different is that from a poem really?

So on those days, I use other people’s creative processes to help get me through my mental blocks.

Sometimes it’s other people’s music, instagram feeds, or just a mesmerizing video of a potter on the wheel. Or it could be this fluffy sweater made by the talented Chloe. Honestly, wearing a giant sunny side up has never felt this good.

Get your own Tamago sweaters in black or white at Koe’s bigcartel 🙂

Brb going to online window shop and buy new music albums in between my paper drafts :’D

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