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Record: Bluffs

Thinking back to slightly warmer weekends and my favourite Fall weather.

Procrastinating from writing my final papers means I go through a ton of content I meant to put up but never did. This set is from some time in October.

I’ve been in Toronto for 6 and a half years now and never found time to make it to the bluffs, so my friends took me one weekend and it was stunning. Who knew Toronto’s lake shoreline would be so pretty?


Something about ice cream, sunshine and benches…


The shoreline is my favourite part of the world. I’m not really a deep sea person, nor am I an intense hiker, but I love the part of the earth where one unknown deep merges together with another unknown.

Maybe it’s the way they overlap onto each other, or the way they greet and bid farewell to each well faithfully.

The shoreline faces both ways, it is both things, it is beginning and also ending. I like the way the shoreline tells you that what you think are opposites, are really the same.


Crests are the first visible sign of the wave approaching, and from those crests you can gauge how big the wave might be. I sometimes think about the crests in my life, and how I can never really seem to see them coming till my ankles have drowned in them.

In every season there are people who walk with you. This year I am feeling the shifting ground as relationships recede and new ones wash aground. I have some feelings around what is tumbling, but the tumbling is a way of life I want to love.


On the road away from the shoreline, we found an early gold in a forest full of greens. It’s about perspective I guess. An early gold also means a faster baring of the skin. The earliest tree loses everything first.


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