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OOTD: Laced Up

I’ve been looking for the perfect lace pattern to wear for a few years now.

Lace is a tricky piece of fabric because it can look wrong and wear wrong in so many different ways.
When I found this dress hanging on the rack at H&M I was very surprised, but tried it on and got it almost immediately.

The great thing about lace is that it’s incredibly striking when it’s worn right, and for my small body, this dress length and slightly flared sleeves were a perfect fit.


White is absolutely my favourite colour to wear, and pairing this dress with white sandals was a given.
It makes for a perfect summer day-off outfit, which is exactly what I wore it as.

Another great thing about this dress, is that in different pairs of shoes, I could easily show up to evening events, formal or informal.


This dress reflects a sort of personal ideal of beauty for me: comfortable and light to wear, while having weight and structure; plain and simple in design, yet striking and intricate.
This is the kind of woman I would like to become, in actions, in work ethic, in relationship and everything in between.
I do not prescribe this for beauty in general, I think it is more a reflection of my desire, and self-perception.

To imagine myself in this form of femininity is to acknowledge my relationship with myself over the last 23 years as a person, and as a woman.


It’s nice to be at this place right now, to see the woman I envisioned myself slowly start to become in many different ways.
There have definitely been changes along the way, shifts in my desires as I became more educated, more understanding, and more aware of the contexts from which I emerge, but my current state of being is richer and more multi-faceted than i ever imagined being – a little like how mesmerizing the lace patterns are, and how they sync up marvellously on the body of this dress.


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