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Record: Tobermory

I went for an AirBnB vacation weekend to Tobermory with some friends in late July, and we were blessed with amazing weather, and a really good time.
Despite being quite sick for the entirety of the trip, I had enough Tylenol to keep me present enough to enjoy the sights, and even do a little bit of hiking.
Ontario is a beautiful province, and many of its sights are hidden away out of public consciousness.

I’m finally starting to explore these surrounding areas more intentionally, and with perfect summer weather, Canada is actually pretty awesome.


Hiking to the Inglis Falls


The Falls


Visiting the shoreline of a local lake.
Beautiful in a very quiet sort of way.


Sunset at Sauble Beach


Wildflowers always have my heart.


The bluest lake we ever did see. Gorgeous, pristine, and freezing.


The beach, with contrast of white rock and gradient lake.


Fields as far as the eye can see. The land next to our AirBnB.


The skies on the way home.

As a group of mid-twentiers (haha), I find these low-budget, short explorations a huge part of our changing relationship. I think these shared experiences create memories that continue to enrich the ways we know and live in each other’s lives.

Summer is such a great season for this. I would like to take full advantage of it.

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