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OOTD: Solids

Life can be really distracting.
Although I love spending my mornings deciding how to piece together what to wear, I don’t always have the time to cycle through my options and figure it out.

Sometime over the last few years, print has almost completely disappeared from my wardrobe, for a number of reasons.

1. I love shopping flea wherever I am in Asia, but the print is often loud, and any text that shows up on a shirt is probably misprinted.
2. Matching print with accessories is too much work.
3. Apart from polka dots and florals, I tend to fall out of love with prints that I might really dig one season, and I am someone who believes in reusing my wardrobe for many years.


In developing an almost entirely print-free wardrobe, I find matching up accessories in the morning much easier, as I can focus on silhouette and colour palettes with my shoes, bag and jewelry.
In this way, I wear solids as a way to keep myself focused, calm, and prepped for the details.

But more than that though, I’ve come to love the clean, put together look that combinations of different solids will evoke.

As someone who moves from job to job over the course of a day, or from office sitting to a networking meet up, I cannot zone my outfits for event quite as easily as I would like to.

It is quite important, then, for me to be able to wear whatever outfit I choose to that particular morning, to many different kinds of occasions, and solids is a reliable option.


As a necklace collector, solids also allows me to pair all my different shapes and cuts of necklaces with many different outfits.
A single necklace can take my black tank dress from casual and beachy, to stylish and chic.

This versatility is a very useful part of enabling the rest of my life.

Shouldn’t fashion be like that anyway? 😉


  1. The Sartorial Coquette says

    life can definitely be very distracting 😉 i love this whole look! the bag really ties everything together ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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