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OOTD: Change


My OOTDs are lagging by about 2 months, as I’m currently working a temporary full-time job to tide me over to the end of the summer.

In other news, I got my hair done 2 months ago, and my hair has lost its dye virginity. 😛
I went for highlights that were layered mostly on the inside, with colours adding texture, but not significant enough to show clearly – mostly so that I wouldn’t have to go back to re-dye for a very long time.


I adore this top from silence + noise. It’s a sheer white draping cross top that has an uncanny ability to reveal my belly button at the worst times, but it’s airy, dress up and dress down versatile, and very light. Sheer fabrics do this thing where they show but don’t show, and oftentimes creates a more interesting effect because they trigger a sense of curiosity on the receiving, and mystery on the part of the wearer, without you having to put much effort into it.

Life seems to be a like that these days, revealing different layers in bits and pieces, depending on which way the wind happens to be blowing, and where the sunlight falls.

As summer rolls into its latter half, the end of my gap year approaches and with this end will come a whole slew of new beginnings.


Excited for new things, and also adjusting along the way.
Like learning how to wear a shirt that has opinions of its own, or protecting newly bleached hair by adding a hair oil regime and changing the way I shower, all parts of my life will have to shift slowly to accommodate the student life again, and this time with the extra workload of being a budding business owner.

But with new hair and a good outfit, I think I’m quite ready. 😉

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