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OOTD: A Looser Fit

Before I spent a summer in Toronto, my general rule of thumb was to avoid long pants for the duration of the season. Coming from the tropics, to wear fabric that might cling to your body is an unbearable imaginative exercise, let alone, endeavour.

IMG_3002This summer in Toronto, however, has been one of ups and downs in terms of temperature.
The weather constantly fluctuates from 12 – 30+ degrees, which makes it quite hard to adhere to a strict summer dress code.

I’ve taken to trying out new kinds of silhouettes, and layering pairings as a result of this predicament, and it’s also reflective of my current state of life.


A looser fit and a looser set of rules and operating terms can be a much more viable option when the environment is volatile. As I slowly extend outward in my work, my studies, I often encounter new situations where my usual terms feel incredibly out of place, or ineffective.

In these situations, I’ve had to learn the hard way to distill the things that really matter, and be willing to reshape what they might look like in newness, or to accept the shape of their manifestation.

There is too much of the world I haven’t experienced, and I have never felt that the earth under my feet was immovable. Ever since my first uprooting at age 8, everything I live feels fragile, and vulnerable. I feel I have grown to be someone willing to accept that everything I thought I knew, could change and become strange in a moment. I think this has made me more willing to pay attention, more willing to comb through my own beliefs, and thoughts, and more willing to change.

Sometimes, this also just means that instead of avoiding the heat by wearing shorts, and tank dresses, I learn to wear pants that are breathable, and light.

Soft & Sext Swing Cami from American Eagle Outfitters
Wilfried Marais Pant from Aritizia

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jaziimun is an interdisciplinary artist who works in text, paper arts and tea. She is also an arts programmer, and a ceramic hobbyist. She is also a proud bun mom.


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