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OOTD: Chill But Not Chill

Recently, my life adventuring has found me in the position of business owner, start-up founder, and budding social enterpriser – definitely not what I imagined for myself at age 23.

Sometimes you have to just go with the flow of where things seem to be growing, and as I travel and watch opportunities poke their little leaves and unfurl little buds, I can’t help but want to keep going forward to see them through the next few seasons, smell their scent and taste their fruit.


I often have to trust my instincts and make many decisions on the fly, with only a vague feel for the big picture. I’m also increasingly having to work with many people, each in their own walks, yet aligned for a portion of this journey where we’re building something together.

Underneath this soft peaches and cream chiffon blouse is a structured, (faux) leather bustier.

It’s an apt way to describe the skin I wear in this start-up madness: stiff, and fitted decision-making underneath a layer of breezy, soft habit. 


From a relatively young age people always told me I was too serious. In high school they joked about my ideals and big dreams, and in university each meet-up is punctuated with, “So what you working on right now?” in various tones, from the humorous to the slightly sarcastic.

People have told me to “chill” all my life, and I have often felt the pressure to remain silent on my life and my work, in case I brought up something that was deemed too serious for the occasion.


But for me, every part of my work has always been an indulgent sense of creation. As a student, a writer, a creator, a leader, and a worker.

When I get excited about the possibility of creation, the work becomes exciting, and I feel energized, I feel excited, I feel a strong sense of power.

That power looks both like a black bustier and a slouchy chiffon shirt, one is like the metal frame of a building, and the other is the wind that can shake the metal frame.

I find that as I get older, I have come to embrace this way of being, of doing, and becoming. I have come to love that “chill” looks different on every person, and embrace my own living style. Interestingly but obviously, my ways are the reason my journey has led me to where I am right now.

IMG_2852So here I am, waltzing into another new chapter in my life. 😛

Bustier from Dynamite
Chiffon Top from Garage
White Distressed Jeggings from American Eagle Outfitters

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