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OOTD: Overall

As the days get warmer, I’ve also been getting ready for the work that will come in the summer season. I’ve recently just founded an Asian Artist collective, and am hustling to build up the immense amount of infrastructure needed to sustain it.


Overalls are usually associated as a comfortable form of labour attire, until they were co-opted for fashion like everything else. Nowadays, there are many different kinds of overalls, different cuts, textures, fits, and silhouettes.

Work style operates on a similar principle: basic tenets get co-opted into a variety of environments, preferences, habits and methods. It’s all about discovering which work style suits you: finding the most comfortable fit.


Some things also sit for a while in separates on your shelf. I’ve had this pair of overalls for 4 years, and it’s always been difficult for me to pair shirts with these overall shorts as they fit very snugly at the hip.

But then eventually, things might piece themselves together and before you know it, there’s a perfect outfit waiting for you.

I’ve been thinking a long time about the things I wanted to work for, and achieve in my life, as a series of separates, so I’m kinda excited that right now, they seem to be fitting together into a current look I can work with.


Overall (teehee), the point of style is that you feel good, and ready to meet whatever you have to face that day.

Making sure your work habits and methods make you feel good, and help you to meet the challenges that you will face is a pretty important lesson.

I’m living and learning.


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