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OOTD: Battle Suit

Lately I’ve been trying to intentionally push myself out of my comfort zone, which I admit has expanded quite a bit in the few years already.

One of my biggest struggles is putting myself out there, and meeting new people. I tend to function much better in smaller, intimate settings, and often find myself disoriented, and very restless at large gatherings of people.


I am most often at stasis, or going through my varying routines at my own pace, on my own terms.

But I do feel that a part of my goals will be better achieved if I am able to put myself out there, in new environments, amongst strangers. I recently applied for a job that would let me do this. Propelled by responsibility, I will have to do it.

To do something I don’t like to do requires a great deal of energy and mental self-psyching.


I have three habits I follow whenever I have to do something like this, from interviews, going to an event, or public speaking etc.

  1. Dress well.
  2. Listen to the right music.
  3. Reward myself after.

It is important.
What I wear can change the way I feel, and the way I emote and express myself.
The right outfit supports me as I emphasize different parts of myself, and play up particular traits, habits and strengths that will help me maneuver the social situations I am in.

In this way, fashion is an extension of my self-construct. It moulds me as I wear it. It wears me as I mould it.

I don’t pick my outfits based on trends. I mostly wait for my intuition to tell me this feels right. This is what I need right now, in this moment.


Fashion is performative because we are performative.
I love how every battle I walk into has its own suit.


  1. The Sartorial Coquette says

    good luck!! 🙂 i love your skirt here – the asymmetrical hem is so cool ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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