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Music: March 2, A (Mini) NewRelease Haul

多遠都要在一起 – 鄧紫棋 G.E.M.

G.E.M. is maturing in sound, and expanding in her audience reach after her super successful stint on 我是歌手. As a mando listener, this song does its strong mandopop melody/lyric vibe extremely well, and is a solid addition to mainstream chinese music. Her solid vocal performance will give this track a strong permanence in karaoke and Top 10s for a while.

燕歸巢 – 張靚穎 & 張杰

Classical chinese influence is my weakness, musically and lyrically.

These two can sing, together they are absolutely divine, and the impeccable precision of 许嵩’s lyrics makes my heart teary every time I listen to this song.


Checkmate – Jung Yong Hwa & 林俊傑 JJ Lin

Jung Yong Hwa has always been on my to-watch list, even though I am not a KPOP listener.

This collaboration is beautiful, both because it’s catchy and epic enough for a collaboration between these two singers, but also because its an actual bilingual track that is cohesive.

The world needs more of these.

What other new releases do you really enjoy? Recommendations please!

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