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Record: January 20th, 2015

Lately I haven’t had as much time as I would like to do posts for this blog.

As someone who works in social media, there is a constant pressure to be consistent and to generate content in order to build a strong online presence. I am supposed to have a strategy, optimize, use analytics and streamline based on traffic. I should be looking for ways to make content relevant, to make it highly engaging, to make it easily accessible and less time-consuming.

Life isn’t social media though. I find myself looking in many different directions, taking on different types of challenges, and having to make decisions on a rolling basis:

What shall I do? Why should I do this? How shall I continue? Can I do everything? More importantly, must I?

IMG_8003When time becomes something you get to exert some semblance of control over, the questions take on more weight, and clarity becomes more elusive. I find that these days often fall into the same series of decisions I make, yet yielding different results each time. Maybe because life is not as predictable as the internet, and there is no google analytics for life.

Either way, I’m comfortable with a bit of a overlapping, chaotic sort of mess.

Blogging was once upon a time, a way for me to breathe in the midst of my living. Then, somewhere along the way, became a way of living, even a means of living. I thoroughly enjoy the process of building a website and forging my own space online, and yet I am quite willing to let go of the burden to have to maintain and upkeep this site in a specific way to gain followers and increase traffic.

At least for now, there are many other things happening in my life that I want to be fully engaged with and present in. This means that my output in other areas will adapt to accommodate my daily evolving list of priorities.


I still love to remember my days though, blogging has always given me a space to reflect and synthesize my moments into a larger vision of purpose and experience.

I guess these thoughts are the genesis of the new ‘Photo Diary’ section of this blog. Posts for me to just say, this is what my today was. Here. For me. For the days that don’t lend themselves to the specifics, but are a mishmash of my fleeting dreams and steady resolve. Here is an inventory of traces that living leaves behind.

Each day is only mundane in our assumption of its existence. Otherwise, each morning is, could be, will be miracle. This is how I want to live.


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jaziimun is an interdisciplinary artist who works in text, paper arts and tea. She is also an arts programmer, and a ceramic hobbyist. She is also a proud bun mom.


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