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OOTD: Reynah Armure


Although I’m not fond of bracelets, and stopped wearing them after high school, this dual function bracelet-necklace from Reynah Armure was too pretty to pass up.

I don’t like having things at my wrists due to the size of them, as almost nothing fits nicely. I hate having trinkets slide around and get in the way of my working so I stopped wearing them. With this bracelet, however, I am free to adjust according to width and therefore, can wear it as a stand-alone or even with my watch.

Check out more of their jewelry HERE.

This piece is an addition to my growing collection of necklaces that I really love.

I’m more a “wear one statement piece” type of human, so even debuting double pieces of jewelry on my arm is a new endeavour. Maybe in the new year I’ll be more open to trying new things.

What are your fashion goals for the new year?

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