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Music: Khalil Fong 方大同 危險世界

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Khalil Fong is one of those artists you expect to deliver. His wide range of musical influence, ability to experiment and mash up those influences into innovative tracks and albums in the CPOP industry is such a breath of fresh air.

This album came out very early this year, sometime in March, and features 16, three of which are interlude tracks.

On first listen I was not drawn to many of the tracks, most interesting to me was 小方, a fun autobiographical rap that pays homage to his journey as a musician and his support over the years.

Recently I have been re-listening to the album and found much more in it than I remembered, notably, 桃花運 is lyrical perfection.

The live version featured is a beautiful cover of his original track, which uses autotune to create interesting effects for the otherwise very classically chinese lyrics.


春意等誰濃 青山等誰染紅
一年開一重 有情人 才會懂
冬雪等誰融 舊枝等誰新種
花色千萬種 等一片 女兒紅
誰為誰心動 桃花笑春風
我自作我夢 誰在花叢中

誰為誰心痛 桃花送春風
回首花叢中 情滅又情濃


Other tracks I’ve started to enjoy quite a bit are 天氣先生, 黑白灰 and Lights Up – which I use to power walk to work when I’m running short on time. :’D
This album features a lot of fast, snazzy sounds where he sings or raps in both English and Chinese. I love introducing Khalil because he definitely represents a growing demographic of people whose influences are inextricably mixed. The intentionality he uses to showcase the many different elements of his influences and interests make him an artist who is both relevant, and original in this current day and age.

Watching Khalil’s music evolve is almost like listening to a young man grow older. There are clear departures from his early sound which is strong R&B, and his confidence definitely reflects in his musical experimentation. Although this album didn’t have the same blow-my-mind impact that the last album he released did, I’d definitely say it’s a solid album with staying power.

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