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OOTD: Old = New

We’re very keen to reinvent, revamp, and renew ourselves. I guess it is a cycle fuelled by the constant access to social media and other people’s representations of themselves all over the internet. It’s hard to nurture our own confidence sometimes when everyone elsewhere seems to be doing it the way you envisioned, but better.

The sweater, skirt and stockings I’m wearing in this OOTD are all at least three years old. The boots are a new addition to my wardrobe, which I got for free from someone else’s wardrobe cleaning. They are fabulous and exactly what I’d been looking for.

It is nice to be able to call a piece of clothing ‘friend’. This sweater marked the beginning stages of my interest in trying new styles in my fashion. These stockings have been darned up many many times because they are too comfortable to discard.

IMG_7411Now I love trends and shopping for new styles and outfits, and I sometimes buy things that I fancy, but cannot envision wearing too much. Other times I buy things and envision wearing them a particular way.

Over time, as I grow in and out of my own changing aesthetic, the vision I originally had for an outfit no longer entices me and the clothing article falls to the back of the wardrobe, or the bottom of the drawer.

However, over time I’ve also learned to re-piece these things together so that old things can become new in their little ways.

Old friends, over a period of time, become new friends.

How old the clothes are determines nothing. What is new is me, always me. 
If I can bring fresh eyes, a fresh mind and a new perspective, I can always take what I already have and appreciate it in a different way. After all, everything distills into the details and that’s what makes fashion fun.

Take a chance with a new lip colour, or try a different hairstyle for that dress. Put on the pair of earrings you were gifted but have never worn, and steal a pair of shoes from your sister.

Perhaps this is how we can learn to hold on to the unique place we each have, in the endless stream of social media feeds. If we let our own horizons continue to take us to different spaces and places, then we don’t really have a reason to be dissatisfied with who we are.



Sweater: from YesStyle
Skirt: Thrifted
Leggings: from H&M
Boot Heels: Wardrobe Discard

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