Excited to announce that my debut collection of poems is now available in the Between Sentiment and Sensation Vol.1 Anthology available for purchase on Amazon! 

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 1.39.41 AM

Published by Red Paint Hill, and featuring three other fantastic women writers, the collection features thirteen poems, ten which have never been seen.

The process of writing this collection was a pretty marvellous experience, full of learning and expanding my own writing space. As a result, my productivity has slowed down a lot more since, hence the relative inactivity of this blogspace.

I believe that the season of plentiful writing will return, but for now, I am comfortable enjoying the space my words have created in me and for me, and the new words they are leading me to.

I hope if you do get your hands on a copy, that you leave me a message so I can thank you, and we can be friends. 😀

Posted by:jasmine

Jasmine is an editor, poet, and community arts organizer. She comes to poetry by way of Chinese music. This blog is a mapping of ways.

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