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Happifier Update: Now available on Amazon!

Excited to announce that my debut collection of poems is now available in the Between Sentiment and Sensation Vol.1 Anthology available for purchase on Amazon! 

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 1.39.41 AM

Published by Red Paint Hill, and featuring three other fantastic women writers, the collection features thirteen poems, ten which have never been seen.

The process of writing this collection was a pretty marvellous experience, full of learning and expanding my own writing space. As a result, my productivity has slowed down a lot more since, hence the relative inactivity of this blogspace.

I believe that the season of plentiful writing will return, but for now, I am comfortable enjoying the space my words have created in me and for me, and the new words they are leading me to.

I hope if you do get your hands on a copy, that you leave me a message so I can thank you, and we can be friends. 😀

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jaziimun is an interdisciplinary artist who works in text, paper arts and tea. She is also an arts programmer, and a ceramic hobbyist. She is also a proud bun mom.

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