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Textures: A Biking Trip

This past summer I went on an afternoon biking trip with my family.

I decided to take my Fuji Instax Mini Neo Classic 90 (named Estella) with me and spend exactly and only one cartridge of 10 shots documenting my trip (no supplementing digital snaps or videos on camera or on my cell phone). I am still learning how to use it properly, learning how to frame through the inaccurate viewfinder and adjust the light and mode settings for the appropriate environments. Needless to say, the idea of only 10 chances with no room for error was daunting.

What resulted was a really interesting self-reflection on the tensions that arose in me whenever I biked past a particularly beautiful spot, or wanted to capture a specific image. The desires to capture and remember are beautiful desires; they tell me what I love and value the most. But it is when I am faced with a limited number of opportunities, when I have to pick between my desires that I start to really be intentional about my decisions, and why I choose to make them.

The following 9 photos quietly reflect what I want to remember most from that day. I waited for each shot, and only pressed the shutter when I was certain I wanted this in print. The truth is, these photos (failed or successful) came out like a poem i would write, and the realization of that was the most enjoyable moment about this whole experiment.

Biking Trip 6


Biking Trip 5

Biking Trip 9

Biking Trip 8

Biking Trip 1

Biking Trip 7

Biking Trip 2

Biking Trip 4

Biking Trip 3





Disclaimer: Again, I am not against digital photography in any sense. My only interest is to introspect on how different mediums of memory and art affect my vision as a writer/artist, and my choices as a participant.

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