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Textures in Singapore Tiong Bahru edition

The part of Singapore my father is from is called Tiong Bahru.
Now a historical protected heritage site in Singapore, Tiong Bahru is a neighbourhood full of pre-war two story apartment houses and a much slower pace of living.

Growing up my sisters and I knew it as the place for extended family gatherings on holiday occasions.
Somewhere in my teens it became a place of stillness, full of lazy afternoon napping and old food stalls.

Returning now, three years from my last visit, Tiong Bahru is nursing a growing community of  independent and concept cafes and stores. These stores are not permitted to destroy parts of the architectural structures in order to preserve them for heritage. What this means is a host of spaces that are fusions of old and new aesthetic design, that sometimes work well and other times not quite.

This trip I trekked back to Tiong Bahru a couple of times just to walk through and explore. There is so much about this neighbourhood that I know so well and at the same time know so little of.
The photos from this haul reflect my marvelling eye.

IMG_5273 IMG_5282 IMG_5348 IMG_5349 IMG_5353 IMG_5356


Photos in Order:

1 -2 : BooksActually, Tiong Bahru
3-5:  Tiong Bahru district
6 – Flock cafe, Tiong Bahru

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