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Music: [Album Review] 光, 動力火車

I have a deep love for voice twins 動力火車 (Power Station). Ever since they exploded into my world with 當,till their latest stint on 我是歌手2, my affection has only deepened and widened.

光 the album was released in 2013, and features a more chill folksy, acoustic vibe from their earlier electric guitar solo angst.


tThe exception to this rule is  寂寞无賴, which has all of the beloved Power Station highlights: electric guitar, long drawn out “Ahhs”, and their perfectly matched harmonies. It has the fall to my knees with fists clenched flavor, and I LOVE IT.

奉陪 comes pretty close with an intro that has a strong 當 echo, but the low to high sound dynamics create a more hybridized soft rock-ballad vibe. It is pretty amazing that age hasn’t thrown cold water over their vocal cords. The song itself is a challenge to that expectation of old age, and Power Station delivers their answer in rock and roll spirit.

珍惜 is the acoustic feel-good song that again, fits perfectly into Power Station’s repertoire. They have always appealed with lyrics that speak to more than just love as universal human experiences, and this song takes a beautifully different angle on relationships and what time can do to them. Beautifully written, as the music takes a backseat, creating a tender moment in the lineup of tracks.

艾琳娜 was the single they released in anticipation of the album. An interesting choice as it is a song that I would say is much more distinctive in flavor with its acoustic percussion and folk guitar. Besides the L-O-V-E chanting that I really wish they hadn’t added in, (replace the letters with anything that doesn’t spell something!) the rest of the song is beautiful. Plus the bonus of seeing 動力火車 on screen for the first time in a long while just made it that much more enjoyable.

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jaziimun is an interdisciplinary artist who works in text, paper arts and tea. She is also an arts programmer, and a ceramic hobbyist. She is also a proud bun mom.

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