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可愛多’s series of 微電影 called 這一刻,愛吧! were such a pleasure to watch.

Featuring a cast of different characters over three years of short stories, the short films explore different situations, characters and responses to love, and naturally, saturated with their sponsored ice creams. despite the intense product placement 😉 i’ll say they did a beautiful job with narration, with theme building and developing the different sparks of chemistry between characters. there was a wonderful balance of reality and optimism that made you forgive the advertising. haha

Attached are the youtube links for all three years of films. watching time approximately 1.5hrs.

2012, 這一刻,愛吧!ft. 陈柏霖,邵庭,余函弥,吴慷仁

2013, 這一刻,愛吧!ft. 陈柏霖,邵庭,柯震东,付辛博

2014, 這一刻,愛吧!ft. 陈柏霖,邵庭,柯震东, 林依晨


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