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Music: 絲路, 梁靜如



如果流浪是你的天賦 那麽你 一定是我最美的追逐
如果愛情是你的游牧 擁有過 是不是該滿足

*誰帶我踏上 孤獨的絲路 追逐你的腳步
誰帶我離開 孤獨的絲路 感受你的溫度
我將眼淚流成天山上面的湖 讓你疲倦時能夠紮營停駐
羌笛聲 胡旋舞 為你笑 為你哭(HO~爲你哭)
(HEY~)愛上你的全部 放棄我的全部(我的全部)

#愛上了你之後 我開始領悟 陪你走了一段最唯美的國度
愛上了你之後 我從來不哭 誰是誰的幸福 我從來不在乎
誰是誰的旅途 我只要你記住

星星就是窮人的珍珠 你的笑支撐著我虔誠的最初
狂風沙石我單薄衣服 穿越過亞細亞的迷霧

Repeat (*),#

雲破日出 你是那道光束 帶著平凡的我走過奇蹟旅途

愛上了你之後 我開始領悟 陪你走了一段最唯美的國度
愛上了你之後 我從來不哭 誰是誰的幸福 我從來不在乎

愛上了你之後 我開始領悟 陪你走了一段最唯美的國度
愛上了你之後 我~從來不哭(NO~HO~)
誰是誰的幸福 我從來不在乎(我~不在乎)
誰是誰的旅途 我只要~ 我只要 你記住


I haven’t recapped music in a long while! But I’m back 🙂 
This summer I’ll mostly be selecting songs from my canon playlist to feature, and maybe mix a couple of playlists as well.

This song 絲路 by Fish Leong is an oldie that is so good I still get the shivers when I listen to it.

It makes complete sense when you note that 阿信 wrote the lyrics and 王力宏 wrote the melody. This song features the best of their respective styles, and the result is a song that kills in both its epic metaphor of the silk road and the haunting method of its imprint that is always both echoing of the ancient but incredibly contemporary at the same time.

Even if you cannot understand the words, there is something in the melody of the song that captures exactly what the words mean. There is a beauty in 絲路 that expands like a desert night sky whenever the song is played.

It has that far-reaching quality to it.

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jaziimun is an interdisciplinary artist who works in text, paper arts and tea. She is also an arts programmer, and a ceramic hobbyist. She is also a proud bun mom.

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