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Music: [Album Review] 為你的寂寞唱歌, 家家

(I previously featured the first single already, this is 塵埃)

2013 Album Review


  1. 為你的寂寞唱歌
  2. 不等於
  3. 不置可否
  4. 也許,也許你愛我
  5. 巧克力
  6. 我沒資格
  7. 快樂快了
  8. 睡衣party
  9. 50個或許
  10. 不自由
  11. 潺潺
  12. 塵埃
  13. 命運

家家 is pretty famous for her larger than life vocals. I’ve heard her live, and her voice is insane. It has this all encompassing sound to it, rich and very full.

This album takes her vocals to a very muted level, and I think it works for some tracks better than others. The music coupled with her voice is of a greater variety than before, ranging from classical ballads, to jazz and softer acoustics.

Standouts for me vocally are:

為你的寂寞唱歌, paired with beautiful acoustic guitar, her quiet approach to the single is something I appreciate from a strong vocalist like her.

50個或許, just because i vibe with this sort of sound. it has Cosmospeople’s (宇宙人) sound, given that 小玉 (lead of Cosmospeople) is the 編曲人.

潺潺 and 塵埃 are ballads that 家家’s voice is made for. Slight angst in the piano and violin, emotional buildup type of songs with lyrics that are easy to understand, yet quite convoluted in their sadness. Good for karaoke. 🙂

Lyrically, 不置可否 is one of the pieces I am more attracted, with its interest in how people in a relationship prefer to leave certain things ambiguous for the sake of comfort, or as a result of fear. I’ll probably set up a separate post featuring that.

Overall, this was a pleasant album to listen to, with some high levels of musicality and lyricism, full of solid known-to-work combinations.

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