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Urumqi: 3

mountain view


further, he said

and realize the root

of desire manifests in

the skyscraper. now we

build for endurance in

surfaces sharp, dazzling to

reflect gaze from the truth

within for it only matters

when the eye is disrupted

from afar. but once upon a

before time decided absolute

vulnerability was dangerous,

desire was colored the blood

of earth and only when we

stepped close and hugged its

mottled solidity with the dullness

of skin would blood bring blood

into the cool rest of a satiated appetite.

red mountain

we are not as removed though, for the

shadows cast by scraping glass are dark

pieces of mourning laid

quietly over the wounds inflicted

when we thrust steel stakes,

and sprinkled shavings of

sky to sanctify our hopes

in the blood of earth

to water

our root in desire, i said.

city view

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Jasmine is an editor, poet, and community arts organizer. She comes to poetry by way of Chinese music. This blog is a mapping of ways.

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