we have sat on walls suspended
above black text in white boxes


explaining who what when and why
for where is of little relevance since
we are


amongst the walkers, beneath eyelash-ed layers of encrusted time is a quiet sight to still a surrealist eye
and prompt spiraling exhalations of desire

for possession
is achieved only when the view is accepted as larger than the perspective allows


are a triptych of primary colors streaking at geometric we’s to disturb a languishing natural repose acquired through reflecting in a mirror.


We are a gallery built in looks themed ‘a moment’s notice.’


*note: this is the third in a series of six poems written in and about New York.
all photos taken by the amazing Rachelle Tai

Posted by:jasmine

Jasmine is an editor, poet, and community arts organizer. She comes to poetry by way of Chinese music. This blog is a mapping of ways.

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