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What Dreams Are Made Of

It is that exciting time of the year where the mature chicklets begin to spread their newfound wings and hop off the branches of university into the deep blue above.

As the friends around me begin to speak of the future, my fledgling self is also impatient to join them in the exciting buildup to free fall and hopefully flight.

Except, to wrap the analogy up, I am a slow developer and have an extra year to go.

Occasionally I wonder to myself if two degrees are really all that worth it anymore, given my waning interest in one of them. Only, with one year left to go in this five year journey, it seems nonsensical to molt early and fly off without finishing the feast.

Alright, I shall cease and desist.

The truth is, I have been thinking about the effort it has taken to get us to where we are today, at the brink of the future.

When we stand on the precipice, we are confronted very much with the reality of ourselves, our biggest fears, our harshest regrets, and our most controlling flaws.

In hindsight, every pitfall calls for a slap to the forehead, “why didn’t i see that one coming?” and the wasted hours on irrelevant detours make us wonder what insane and marvelous grace existed for us to have been able to get to here regardless.


I count the moments the way I count tiny flakes.

Each decision, indecision, detour, success, pitfall, triumph, tearfest, fearfest, laughfest, screamfest all prove only one thing: that when we have tried enough, failed enough and picked ourselves enough – the world can change…

…and the potential of our lives will blanket vision with snowy white to cover even the harshest moments with a quiet, still beauty.

The abyss is Black Diamond hill and we are all only amateur skiers, but damn,

what a ride.

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jaziimun is an interdisciplinary artist who works in text, paper arts and tea. She is also an arts programmer, and a ceramic hobbyist. She is also a proud bun mom.

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